Omaha Beach 6 June 1944 by Robert Capa
Omaha Beach 6 June 1944 by Robert Capa


Pointe du Hoc

An impressive site where the landscape was modified by aerial and coastal bombings. It was the site of the 2nd US Rangers Division's successful, but costly. The heroic rangers had to climb up the cliff 100 foot high. There target was the German artillery battery on the top of the cliff.


Omaha Beach

It was at Omaha Beach, on June 6, 1944, that one of the deadliest battles during DDay occured. 34 000 of the famous 1st and 29th Infantry Divisions landed on this beach on DDay. At the end of this day, Omaha became "Bloody Omaha"


The American military cemetery in Colleville sur mer

Overlooking Omaha beach, this impressive place with 9387 graves of American soldiers who came from the other site of the Atlantic Ocean to liberate Western Europe


Lunch in Port en Bessin or near Omaha Beach


Longues sur mer 

The only german artillery battery which has still the guns


Arromanches : Discovery of the remains of the artificial port


Bayeux : guided tour of the Bayeux Cathedral and a discovery of the famous Tapestry.

Follow the tracks of William the Conqueror when he invaded England in 1066 through the Battle of Hastings.

He became the first Norman King of England.



view from Arromanches
view from Arromanches